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My Everyday International Calls Buddy

Project Management is a huge amount of tasks from super interesting to routine ones. To be effective, I always try to optimize my workflow, and you should. Many people ignore it to try to save some time today, but really don’t know how much time and energy they will save tomorrow. I think than the programmer more professional that the more hotkeys, scripts and different tools he uses to optimize his work.

Project Manager should be well organized. As a Project Manager and Software Developer at my agency. I work a lot with foreign customers that bring some nuances. Since you want to be competitive on the world IT market you should be super organized!

Assigning interviews, coordinating schedules and strict adherence to arrangements are everyday things to do. When client want to hire you or your team he know nothing about you. Therefore, a lot of here is based on trust and your every action is a stone for the balance, either plus or minus. This is partly like walking through a minefield where you can send everything to hell in one awkward movement. That’s why to screw it up, to make a mess, to forget, especially at the beginning of work is not that you are interested at all.

In my pocket I have some tools and today I will show you one which helps me in every day planning of international meetings without headache. Here it is