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  • I've Passed CKAD Exam

    Today I’ve received email from : Congratulations! You have successfully completed Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD). Click the link below to view and download your certificate. It took me about 1 week to review all thing either I already know or forgot, train different setups on Kubernetes.

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  • Email from Uber

    Sometimes interesting things happen. It was about two years ago I worked on a project with Cadence framework and contributed to uber/cadence open-source project on Github. Today I’ve received the email from Uber Technical Sourcer:

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  • My Everyday International Calls Buddy

    Project Management is a huge amount of tasks from super interesting to routine ones. To be effective, I always try to optimize my workflow, and you should. Many people ignore it to try to save some time today, but really don’t know how much time and energy they will save tomorrow.

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  • Hello, World!

    Hello! I’m Vitaly. Software Engineer from Russia, Gopher. It’s my first post here just to say “hello” to all of you guys: human beings and robots! I will write here for a human being, but if you are a robot you are welcome too.

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